Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hackers on a FREE game.

Seriously why ruin it for everyone.
There really is no logic for ruining a free 2-D game just to make a couple of bucks here and there.

Traits to look for.

Remind you that a TYPICAL hacker is:
-a Warrior
-Got low lvled equips (such as; lv 35 overall, low lvled sword etc.)
-Low fame

Perfect Ex:

So this is how it work kids.
Even if a guy choose to be all that kind of stuff mention above, doesnt mean that hes a hacker.

NX-less, well sir. What if iam not a NX-hoar?

Low fame, well sir. What if i lvl fast or aint interested in having high fame.
This noob that called me a hacker had 90 fame and was lv 45..well not all of us uses 3 months to get to lv 45.. jerk.

Low lvled equips: Well, heard of dexless/low dex? Iam quite sure.
So i guess...all the lukless mages that uses lv 0 clothes are hackers?
Alright, so iam a warrior, we only need str for equips. But hey, i need the 4 extra dex from the overall nibsauce.


  1. I used to play Maple Story but it does get boring after lvl 30..

    Followed you ;)

  2. Oh boy, this game.

    I think I got about 5+ characters using MMC. Then I got bored.

    Great blog! Definitely something I can relate to.

  3. Oh man, I used to play this game!

    Thanks for following my gaming blog, perhaps we'll do a cover story on Maplestory soon!

  4. Maaaaaan, MapleStory!!! :D

    Shame about those ruining it though, obviously. Followed!

  5. this is a blog mmmm

  6. Hey fellow gamer. You should check out Gaming Lagoon. It lets you get points for doing little bs things like surveys. You can trade points for cash or gaming gear. I looked on my account and it says there is some maple story swag on there, thought you might be interested.


  7. There will forever be hackers in every game one can play online i feel like. Theres just no getting away lol.

  8. "There really is no logic for ruining a free 2-D game just to make a couple of bucks here and there."

    Wait you can get paid in Maplestory?!

  9. why ruin that game? Because when you study IT, you CAN. thats all the reason we need T.T

  10. Why would people need to hack Maplestory? There's not even PVP? what does hacking accomplish? Thats dumb.

  11. well the most F2P MMO get more and more hackers, since most of them are kids in the age of 12-16 .. well well, nice work though! keep it up

  12. My favorite part about free MMOs is that people still manage to sell gold and stuff.

  13. Wow this game is pretty complicated.

  14. Hackers and games, hooligans and football...

  15. not your average side scroller!

  16. I agree, stumbled upon a lot of hackers in Terraria, totally ruined it for me. :(

  17. I agree. but sadly they're in pretty much every game