Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chaos Patch Information

Return of the Hero

SP Reset
Everyone received an SP reset.

For people starting new, they received cash equips and items when they attain a certain level.

DBs, however, also got 4 mastery books from this event.
Slash Storm 20, Tornado Spin 20, Flying Assaulter 20, and Mirror Image 30.

Gaga gives a quest for a special item. Within the event period, you have to level up 40 times from when you start the quest. The quest starts at level 40.

Adventurers: Adventurer Rings
Knights of Cygnus: Holy Wing Earring
Resistance: Resistance Lux Ring
Aran: Lilin’s Aura Ring
Evan: Onyx Dragon Glasses
Dual Blade: Blood Mask

Other than the adventurer rings, they all add +3 all, +3 W.ATK, and +3 M.ATK

These items cannot be worn over existing job items, [E.g. Lilin's Aura Ring + Lilin's Ring] and you can only trade the items once to another character within the account.

I wonder if Lilin's Ring + Resistance Lux Ring works...or other combinations...

Note - All these are from KMS. Whether GMS gets them or not is unknown. Big chance we will though. xD

---------- Skill Changes ----------
There's also a ton of skill changes to all classes.
It really is a big amount of text, so I'm not going to post all of it here. I'll just post DBs.

Dual Blader Skill Changes

Note: The Sudden Raid skill has been deleted in this update.

-- Blade Recruit --
Katara Mastery
Accuracy: 60 --> 120
Triple Stab
Damage: 160% --> 110%

-- Blade Acolyte --
Fatal Blow
Damage: 110% --> 85%
Slash Storm
Damage: 230% --> 190%

-- Blade Specialist --
Tornado Spin
1st Part: Damage: 250% --> 300%
2nd Part: Number of monsters decreased from 8 to 6
Flash Bang
Master level: 20 --> 5
The rest is still the same. [Damage: 160%, 80% chance to reduce accuracy by 85% for 20 sec. Cooldown: 55 sec]
Upper Stab
Moved to 3rd job. [Blade Lord (Level 70 advancement) to Blade Specialist (Level 55 advancement)]
Damage: 240% on 6 monsters and 70% additional damage to airborne monsters.

-- Blade Lord --
Advanced Dark Sight
49% chance to stay in Dark Sight after attacking. When you take damage, there is a 20% chacne that your damage increases by 50%.
Vital Steal [NEW SKILL!]
Recover HP when you're attacking a monster.
Vital Steal (Passive)
Description: Recover HP when you’re attacking a monster.
Level 1: 1% Chance, 1% damage recovered as HP.
Level 2: 1% Chance, 2% damage recovered as HP.
Level 3: 2% Chance, 3% damage recovered as HP.
Level 4: 2% Chance, 4% damage recovered as HP.
Level 5: 3% Chance, 5% damage recovered as HP.
Level 6: 3% Chance, 6% damage recovered as HP.
Level 7: 4% Chance, 7% damage recovered as HP.
Level 8: 4% Chance, 8% damage recovered as HP.
Level 9: 5% Chance, 9% damage recovered as HP.
Level 10: 5% Chance, 10% damage recovered as HP.

--Blade Master --
Sharpness [NEW SKILL!]
Like old Thorns, but is a passive skill. [Not a party skill/buff]
Description: Increases the success rate of critical attack damage and minimum critical damage.
Level 1: Critical Rate +7%, Minimum Critical Damage +2%
Level 2: Critical Rate +9%, Minimum Critical Damage +4%
Level 3: Critical Rate +11%, Minimum Critical Damage +6%
Level 4: Critical Rate +13%, Minimum Critical Damage +8%
Level 5: Critical Rate +15%, Minimum Critical Damage +10%
Level 6: Critical Rate +17%, Minimum Critical Damage +12%
Level 7: Critical Rate +19%, Minimum Critical Damage +14%
Level 8: Critical Rate +21%, Minimum Critical Damage +16%
Level 9: Critical Rate +23%, Minimum Critical Damage +18%
Level 10: Critical Rate +25%, Minimum Critical Damage +20%

Final Cut
Note - Passive effect appears to have been removed.
1st Part:
HP Cost: 45% --> 20%
Damage Boost: 200% --> 140%
Duration: 44 sec --> 40 sec
Cooldown: 90 --> 60
Now has a 15% chance to deal instant death.
2nd Part:
Cooldown: Changed back to 90.

Monster Bomb
1st Part: Damage: 1380% --> 1100%
2nd Part: Damage changed to 1650%

Blade Fury [NEW SKILL!]
Description: Spin fast to attack monsters around you.
Level 1: MP: 40, Damage: 136% x3 on up to 3 enemies
Level 20: MP: 55, Damage: 155% x3 on up to 5 enemies
Level 30: MP: 65, Damage: 165% x3 on up to 6 enemies

In the 1st part, it was 180%, later changed in 165% in the 2nd part.

Phantom Blow [NEW SKILL!]
Description: Create a fatal attack to a monster.
Level 1: MP: 30, attacks 6 times with 76% damage ignoring 20% of the monsters' defense
Level 20: MP: 30, attacks 6 times with 95% damage ignoring 20% of the monsters' defense
Level 30: MP: 30, attacks 6 times with 105% damage ignoring 20% of the monsters' defense

In the 1st part, it was 110% damage, later changed to 105% and 20% ignore defense in the 2nd part.

Thorns [CHANGED]
No longer gives critical and minimum critical damage.
Description: Weapon attack buff and stance effect.
Level 1: MP: 40, +1 Weapon Attack and 32% chance to not be knocked back. Duration: 90 sec
Level 10: MP: 50, +10 Weapon Attack and 50% chance to not be knocked back. Duration: 130 sec
Level 15: MP: 60, +15 Weapon Attack and 60% chance to not be knocked back. Duration: 150 sec
Level 20: MP: 70, +20 Weapon Attack and 70% chance to not be knocked back. Duration: 170 sec
Level 30: MP: 90, +30 Weapon Attack and 90% chance to not be knocked back. Duration: 210 sec

Technological Age

New Profession System
It replaces the old maker skill and has much more. You can create potions by Alchemy and tons of new equips from Blacksmithing and Jewel Crafting. [Such as the Dark Angelic Ring]

Gathering Professions
Herbalists can harvest plants that have sprung up in several maps, collecting their seeds and flowers to create oils used for Alchemist potions.

Similar to herbalists, but you mine rocks for ores and stuff. You refine the ores for BlackSmith and Jewel Crafting.

Creation Professions
This job just seems like an update for the maker skill o.o.. Anyways, you can create armor and weapons from any job or class, throwing stars, bullets and arrows. You can also make Androids. Not sure what those do yet. You have to pick Miner to unlock this as a second profession.

Jewel Crafting
Peope who choose this path can create accessories, which include face accessories, earrings, rings, pendants, belts, and shoulderpads. You have to pick Miner to unlock this as a second profession.

This profession allows a character to brew powerful potions, whose effects range from restoring health to powerful buffs and transformations.[Giant Potion? ]
This character can:
1) Disassemble equips to create item crystals. You can also create a fish tank like npc for people to disassemble their equips into item crystals.
2) Combine two of the same equips to randomize its stats, including the possibility of having a hidden potential
You must first choose the Herbalist profession to unlock Alchemist as their second profession.

After selecting a profession, you can switch to another one for a fee and you have to start back at Level 1.

There is also a fatigue system for professions.

Creating an item through Mining or Herbalism increases fatigue by 1.
Creating an item through the Alchemist profession increases fatigue by 3
Creating items through Black Smith or Jeweler professions increases fatigue by 5
You can accumulate up to 100 fatigue before you have to stop doing profession related activities.
You can buy potions for 300k and 1M that reduce your fatigue. [The potion for 300k decreases fatigue by 5 and the other by 10] You can only use 3 of these a day.
You lose 5 fatigue per hour.

Possible professions: Miner+Blacksmith, Miner+Jewel Crafter, Herbalist+Alchemist

Ore Refining
To refine ores, you need 2-6 ores of that kind. [The amount depends on what ore you're refining] You also need a mold. [The type of mold depends on which ore you're refining. You can purchase them from an npc] I believe you also make magic powders this way. Not sure about this.
Here's a list of required amount of ores:
2 Ores: Opal, Silver, Orihalcon, Amethyst
3 Ores: Steel, Sapphire, Adamatium, Bronze
4 Ores: Mithril, Emerald, Gold, Topaz, DEX
5 Ores: Diamond, Aquamarine, POWER
6 Ores: DARK, Black Crystal, Lidium, LUK, WISDOM

Recipes and Items
A lot of recipes can be bought from NPCs in the Profession Map, but the better ones have to be found from monsters.

As a general rule, all equips over the level of 100 require recipes, as well as a few special equips, such as the Angelic Rings.

There's a list of where recipes drop here. Recipe Drop List

About the Angelic Rings: I believe there's an event for it when profession comes out that gives the recipe for them. Level 5 - Angelic Ring, Level 10 - Dark Angelic Ring.
The Angelic Ring gives +5 ATK/M.ATK buff and the Dark Angelic Ring gives 10.
Angelic Blessing Ring (Level 30)
25 Bronze Plate
10 Mid Grade Varnish (From NPC)
10 Intermediate Item Crystal (70-90)
25 Adamantium Plate
Dark Angelic Blessing Ring (Level 70)
20 LUK Crystal
10 Super Abrasive Varnish (From NPC)
10 Advanced Item Crystal (130+)
20 Lidium
20 Wisdom Crystal

Item Crystals: Disassemble items of the appropriate level. These are NOT the same ones we have now. Only Alchemists are capable of disassembling items on their own. They can also create a Disassembler item that allows other people to disassemble their items. [There are 40-60, 70-90, 100-120, 130+ item crystals.] I don't think there are equips you can make that are below level 40.

So, if you dissamble a level 40 bow, you get a 40-60 crystal.
Note - There's a chance when disassembling to get a higher level item crystal. Taking the example from above, you could possibly get a 70-90 crystal from a level 40 bow.
This is how you would get 130+ crystals.

Plants and Ores: Can be picked or mined in areas for level 30+. There are a variety of different plants and rocks in these maps that, if you hold NPC Chat by them, will drop a plant or ore, provided that you are of the correct profession (Miner or Herbalist) and have the correct tools (shovel or pickaxe).

Proof of Investment: From PVP. From the recipes I see, the higher level equips need quite a few of these. [Up to 37-ish..]

How to get Proof of Investment: PVP [Scroll down for more info]

For all those who don't want to read that.

Professions: Miner+Blacksmith, Miner+Jewel Crafter, Herbalist+Alchemist
Ores: 2-6 ores for refining.
You can accumulate up to 100 fatigue before you can't do anymore.
Equips over 100 requires recipes, except for a few.


PVP finally hits Maplestory! Although, from the looks of it, it might be broken and unbalanced.

There are 4 different channels and 3 modes.

The channels are for different leveled players. [30+, 70+, 120+, 180+]
Potential items are nullified in all channels except for 180+

•Lv. 30 or higher is required and you can only use skills up to 2nd job
•Evan can use skills up to 5th mastery

Super Rookie
•Lv. 70 or higher is required and you can only use skills up to 3rd job
•Evan can use skills up to 8th mastery

•Lv. 120 or higher is required and you can use all skills

•Lv. 180 or higher is required and you can use all skills
•Potential items are not nullified in this channel!

You can enter any channel that you fit in. [E.g. A level 153 could enter Rookie, Super Rookie, and Major]

The 3 modes are Survival, Team Match and Ice Knight.

• Max. players: 8
• Need at least 4 players to start
• 10 minutes long
• You CANNOT pick your own rooms or your own maps. Everything is random.
• There are buffs that you can pick up inside:
Blue/Red Hearts: Increase MP/HP by 30%
Shield: Increase defense over a period of time
Winged Shoes: Increase speed over a period of time.
There's another buff that decreases your HP/MP. [No idea what it looks like.]

Red ? Box: Random buff.
From Spadow: It can transform you into a random monster which is bad because your speed will decrease and players might attack you. It can also add 10 points to your score, increase the amount of score gets doubled or one minute, you can be invincible for a period of time and more random effects.

Team Match
• Max. players: 10? [Not sure]
• Need at least 3 players in each team to start
• 10 minutes long
• 2 Teams : Maple Red and Maple Blue
• Team with highest score wins

Ice Knight
Scroll down for more info!

Battle Points and Proof of Investments
When you PVP, you gain Battle Points (BP) when you finish. [I think its your score in PVP divided by 10 (E.g. Score: 1031 = 103BP)]
You can then trade in BP for Proofs.
[500 BP = 1 Proof, 1500BP = 4 Proofs, 2500BP = 7 Proofs]

There's an NPC that sells items for Proof of Investments. You also need them for making equips. [Profession System]

[6/14/2011] Hacking Spree on Maplestory.

Oh lawd. Someone call the cavalry. There has been a HUGE inflation in the amount of dupers at the moment.

According to random leechers in game, they say certain sites that are affiliated with hackers have released a public version of map crash. Now everyone and their mothers are currently attempting to crash the map. Hotspots like Henesys and the FM should be avoided at this time.

Surprisingly Nexon has recently put out a service announcement that a maintenance would be put into effect shortly to address the issue.

For anyone that is having trouble logging into the game or getting the dreaded Error 5 code understand that it is NOT your fault. Its just the Maple client being shut down on you by map crashers.

Just stay away from the mentioned hot spots and you should be fine. For those of you stuck on those maps ~_~ hopefully Nexon will have you guys fixed up in no time.

Stay tuned for more info on the situation. In the mean time just search some forums or something.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

One hundred followers

Thanks guys. I finally hit the 100 follower bench mark.

This blog wouldn't have been as interesting without all of you!

Once again thanks for following this blog. I'll do my best to serve all your Maplestory needs.

Ahh the Good times

What I love about Maple. That there community.

The first time I played Maple I had an AWESOME time. The moment I joined the game the feel of it just awed me. That feeling of adventure could be whiffed about like blossoms in a summer afternoon. It truly made me appreciate how online MMOs could bring people from all cultures and backgrounds together.
What truly got me was how everyone was in a giving mood. People left and right offered to help me start out simply because I was a new character.
There were random "drop games" that occurred every so often and even small minis games like omok that caught my attention.

But the best part?
The team training. It was all coordinated and everyone in a party had a role to do. There were rarely any slackers because everyone had one goal to accomplish. To Level up. During those team trainings everyone not only leveled at amazing speeds but we all got to know each other a little bit better. We find that training goes so much faster when working together and we also find how all the different classes mesh perfectly together.
Heres an illustrated pic of my Ranger a LOONG time ago.

You see dem smiles?

My Ranger was the DPM outputter in that training session. He solely focussed on killing monsters while the Bishop provided and EXP boost called HS and ulted monsters at the same time. His ult not only hit the whole map but it dealt tremendous damage. However its very slow in terms of casting and has a 30 second cooldown. That is where guys like me come in to mop up any remaining monsters left alive. 

For my next post I'll try bossing :D That requires A LOT of skill to pull off but I think my guild can manage.
You guys looking forward to it?
Actually heres a pic of Horntail. a TOUGH SOB...

Thats Tsubasa and his guild. Quite famous guild actually. I hope to be like him someday :D

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Suggestion regarding class changes

If you haven't noticed, Nexon has been trying to balance the various classes lately. But it isn't working. And it's annoying.

They need to realize when to STOP, instead of constantly remaking the classes every few months. It's getting ridiculous. Instead of balancing properly, they are overpowering one class at a time (NOTE: mage/warrior/etc Jump patches). This will lead to a cycle of endless "balancing" since each time they remake it a class it is stronger than many other classes.

The solution would be to make ONE big balancing patch... and actually BALANCE for once.

It is annoying to play a game where, if I make a character because of the skills/abilities/etc it has, I have no guarantee that my character will maintain ANY of those qualities. I made an I/L mage because mages used to be the training class. Ultimates gave the fastest leveling in the game back then. Now, Nexon made blizzard useless and turned mages into a completely useless job: bad at bossing + bad at leveling. I get more exp/hr (no, I don't mean %/hr) on a 11x hermit than on my archmage. In the future, mages will be good at bossing with the Jump patch. But did I ever WANT to boss on my mage? Is that what I was thinking about when I created my character? No.

Job advancements are now like the stock market; you have no idea on how your job will change in the next giant update.


Yes some people are saying that this is a method of attracting new players. However, if this was the case couldn't one argue that Nexon is forgetting about the older generation of players who supported Nexon all these years?

I've personally got friends who have spent years trying to get their character up to Lvl 200 only to get trumped by a newer player. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Some issues nexon should deal with. pt 2.




Anyone that’s spent enough time online to realize what’s what in MapleStory knows it's a corrupt game. I can't say for certain that my items were all bought from legitimate sellers or I've never partied with a user that has a history of abuse. It is also clear that the game hasn't prospered because of these continuing incidents, and the community itself is also suffering.

I'm not writing to guilt those that borrow and use hacking software, buy in game currency illegally, or partake in exploits or any other activities against what the publisher, Nexon, warrants. I'm not here to convince everyone to play by the rules. This thread is merely to shed light on recent events, create a better understanding as to how everyone’s individual decisions in the community impact the game as a whole, and to dilute some of the frustration and blame that’s being thrown around without real thought.

Nexon sees this poison as it happens, and the publisher itself can't be put at fault. They continually have to deal with the game developers contributing game additions with weak scripting, have to manage multi-million user servers protected by the outside bypass-prevention software HackShield, and at the same time manage this community of millions worldwide. As a publisher they are very restricted. Their role is pleasing everyone to maximize profit, an impossible task. Serious matters have to be handled with extreme caution and decision making, whether it hurts the players or not. Community displeasure equates to a loss of company revenue, by no means are they ignoring the issues and shrugging it off, there's only so much intervention you can do when dealing with this many players in a fragile economy and unstable online game.

It's understandable that a majority of hacking and exploit abuse is manufactured to attain personal gain and create a virtual currency exchange, leading to real world profit. These are million-dollar companies and private organized people, profiting off corrupting online games, sites, and services. Cyber crime and cyber warfare is growing into a more serious problem with a growing technological dependence. It's these harmful online companies and organized groups, being run internationally and under the radar, that are seriously damaging virtual internet businesses. It’s hard to prevent such happenings when little can be done to combat it.

Games are merely entertainment, whether you choose to pay for this entertainment is subjective. The level of commitment and involvement varies, as does the level of respect and accordance with which the rules this game and its terms of service sets. These standards are in place for this simple basis: there is always an equal and opposite reaction; the abuse from one user is typically the disadvantage and inequality of another. Personal, selfish abuse of the game benefits the abuser, but harms everyone else who holds the ideals that fair play still means something. Being an honest and abiding player to me isn't about honor or pride, it's about the perspective that through avoiding lying, cheating, and stealing in any situation will bring the same self-fulfillment, without corrupting or inconveniencing others. It's the belief that success should always be earned.

MapleStory’s slogan used to be “It’s your story”. Some people took that a little beyond what was implied. Hacking or any form of exploiting or cheating is like if you cheat at a board game against a younger sibling. You’ll probably always win. But that little brother or sister, the one that just wants to spend time with you while having fun, is always losing. And chances are that game means a lot more to them. So remember: It’s not just your story.



Monday, June 6, 2011

Post Chaos Patch DPM Overview

First off DPM (Damage Per Minute) has been determined using APPROXIMATE values.
Second these are not entirely accurate, just assumptions based on even more assumptions
However, utilizing KMS data these are the numbers that have been determined for post Chaos Maplestory.

Happy Mapling~ 

<Damage Per Minute>
Formula #1: Maximum Damage Range X Overall D%PM
Formula #2: (Minimum Damage Range + Maximum Damage Range) / 2 X Direct D%PM + Maximum Damage Range X DoT D%PM

<Skill Delay>
Skill Delay = Normal Delay X (10 + Weapon Speed + Booster Bonus) / 16
Magician's spell cast speed is always 6.
Booster bonus are always negative. Usually they -2 or -3 speed.
Then round that value to the nearest 30ms.

<Weapon Multiplier>
The higher the weapon multiplier is, the higher damage the class' damage range will be compare to other classes when both have the same basic stats and weapon attack.
For example, a Night Lord with 100 Weapon Attack, 500 LUK, 50 DEX will have higher damage range than a Bow Master with 100 Weapon Attack, 500 DEX, 50 STR, because Night Lord's multiplier is higher.

Mastery determines what the minimum damage range is.
Mastery = Innitial Mastery + Mastery Gain From Skills
Innitial Mastery: 15% (Range), 20% (Melee), 25% (Magic)
Mastery% X Maximum Damage Range = Minimum Damage Range.

<Direct D%PM>
The total amount of D%PM is the direct damage % a class can do per minute.

<DoT D%PM>
The DoT D%PM is the the damage % cause by damage over time effect per minute.

<Overall D%PM>
Overall D%PM Formula: (Mastery% + 100%) / 2 X Direct D%PM + DoT D%PM X 100%
Overall D%PM is the average damage% a class can deal per minute.

<Funding Effectiveness>
Funding Effectiveness Formula: Overall D%PM X Weapon Multiplier
See the definition below

Funding Effectiveness

Before you look at the ranking below, I want you to know that the second ranking is more realistic for highly funded characters.

What is Funding Effectiveness?
1)Funding Effectiveness determines how much the class is benefit by stats gain from funding. The higher funding effectiveness a class has, the more benefit the class from stat bonuses.
2)With the same amount of weapon attack / magic attack, primary stat, and secondary stat, the class with a higher funding effectiveness will have a higher DPM.
3)With equal weapon attack / magic attack, primary stat, and secondary stat. Class A's DPM / Class B's DPM = Class A's Funding Effectiveness / Class B's Funding Effectiveness. Don't believe me? Check the calculation below.


Formula of Maximum Damage Range: Maximum Damage Range = Multiplier * (4 * Primary Stat + Secondary Stat) * (Attack / 100)

Let's say both NL and sair have 800 primary stat, 100 secondary stat, and 100 attack.

NL's Maximum Damage Range = 1.75 * (4 * 800 + 100) * (100 / 100) = 5775
Sair's Maximum Damage Range = 1.50 * (4 * 800 + 100) * (100 / 100) = 4950

Now use their maximum damage range to multiply by Overall D%PM.
NL's DPM: 5775 X 156063.759% = 9,012,682 (round up to whole)
Sair's DPM: 4950 X 239282.748% = 11,844,496 (round up to whole)

11,844,496 / 9,012,682 = 1.3142 (round up to ten thousandth), now we can see sair's DPM is 1.3142 times as NL's DPM.
3589.24 / 2731.12 = 1.3142 (round up to ten thousandth), as you see, the ratio (1.3142 : 1) is exactly the same.
Therefore, we can conclude, at equal primary stat, secondary stat, and attack, sair's DPM always 1.3142 times as much as NL's.

Still don't believe me? Give both classes the same exact primary stat, secondary stat, and attack, then follow these formulas and do it yourself:

Maximum Damage Range = Multiplier * (4 * Primary Stat + Secondary Stat) * (Attack / 100)
DPM = Maximum Damage Range X Overall D%PM
Class A's DPM / Class B's DPM = Class A's Funding Effectiveness / Class B's Funding Effectiveness

Rank by Overall D%PM (D%PM =/= DPM)

1. Bow Master - 275736.593%
2. Arch Mage (Ice / Lightning) (UE) 262336.875%
3. Arch Mage (Ice / Lightning) (Regular) - 262040.996%
4. Corsair - 239382.748%
5. Marksman (Speed of 5) - 238158.464%
6. Marksman (Speed of 6) - 229786.97%
7. Wild Hunter - 200727.817%
8. Bishop (UE) - 182700.108%
9. Bishop (Regular) - 181107.879%
10. Evan - 168317.278%
11. Night Lord - 156063.759%
12. Buccaneer - 95207.5794%

Rank by Funding Effectiveness (A More Realistic Ranking)

1. Corsair - 3590.74
2. Bow Master - 3584.58
3. Marksman (Speed of 5) - 3215.14
4. Marksman (Speed of 6) - 3102.12
5. Night Lord - 2731.12
6. Wild Hunter - 2709.83
7. Arch Mage (Ice / Lightning) (UE) - 2623.37
8. Arch Mage (Ice / Lightning) (Regular) - 2620.41
9. Bishop (UE) - 1827
10. Bishop (Regular) - 1811.08
11. Evan - 1683.17
12. Buccaneer - 1618.53

Random Unrelated Bush pic =)